retro puzzle game

for iOS and Apple TV, capturing the magic of 1980s and 1990s video games

XScape is a modern remake of a classic retro puzzle game from the latter days of 8 bit computing. Lovingly crafted over a period of 7 years, and by the original author, this version includes all previous game content and more. New gameplay features, modern sound and visuals, extra levels, star ratings and achievements are just a few of the enhancements.

Playing the game involves taking control of MAL, a Mechanised Artificial Life-form, whose only purpose in life is to collect special tokens and reach exit portals. A feat which you must help him to accomplish, within the allocated number of moves and time limit. Be aware though, once you start MAL moving, he won’t stop again until he either reaches a wall or hits an obstacle. Levels may have multiple paths to completion, with certain ways being either faster or more rewarding in terms of score.

XScape is the first independent game from pikXells and is available now for the Apple iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Visit the App Store and download today.

xscape level 21 Kawaii Islands

Level 21 from the Kawaii Islands world

taken from the game XScape © pikXells
XScape level 15 Neon Lights

Level 15 from the Neon Lights world

taken from the game XScape © pikXells


  • All 30 levels from the original 8 bit game
  • 60 New and puzzling levels
  • 3 Unique worlds, each with their own look and feel
  • 17 Groovy backgrounds
  • 35 Achievements for in game tasks
  • 3 Level star rating system
  • 19 Tracks of toe tapping music spanning over 40 minutes
  • Full Game Center integration with leaderboards and achievements
  • Bluetooth game controller support
  • Saving of progress and achievements between devices (can be disabled)
  • Music visualiser with unlockable tracks
  • Retro puzzle gameplay with modern sound and visuals
xscape application icon

Download XScape for free today

iPhone and iPad versions are supported by adverts
and include all game content. Apple TV version features no
advertising but is restricted to the first 30 levels only.
Single in-app purchase of £1.99 GBP from any device, removes
adverts on iPhone / iPad devices and unlocks all levels on Apple TV.

xscape on iOS App Store badge
XScape on Apple TV App Store badge
XScape music visualiser

Music visualiser (extras menu)

taken from the game XScape © pikXells

XScape Printable A4 Colouring Pages

XScape Support

If you experience any problems running XScape on your device, then please send us a message using our contact form.